The product covered by this certificate, has been manufactured according to the highest quality standards. In case of verified defect of the mechanism or any part, the repair will be free of charge according to the conditions of this certificate and accompanied by the purchase invoice from the retailer/ importer indicated above.
This certificate of warranty protects the first buyer of the product for the period of 1 (one) year from the purchase date, what must be demonstrated through the presentation of its purchase invoice with the place data where it was acquired.
For Repairs and/or purchase of spare parts and/or accessories, see our website or you must contact the technical service personally or by telephone, where you will be given information about the technical service closer to your home.
In case of failure . the first buyer is assured to have the repair and/or replacement of parts for its proper operation, within a period no longer than 60 days, except for unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, as these products/imports or with imported components, the provision of the spare parts will be conditioned to the customs legal provisions. This warranty does not cover (additional charge to the buyer) damage to cutting blades, cabinets, damage to connecting cables,stains, damage to the finish, breakage, installation, un-installation, assembly or disassembly of the product, maintenance, improper or incorrect installation or assembly , errors in assembly, as well as unnecessary repairs caused by accident, cracks, drops, wrong operation, wear and tear caused by improper or excessive use, commercial and/ or professional use of the product, damages caused by oxidation sulfate, humidity, exposure to rain  and/or water or sources of excessive heat, use of abrasives, corrosion, flood damage, water and/or sand entry or defects caused due to adaption of pieces and/or accessories which do not belong to the product, as well as of any other cause as a result of the non-observance of the standards established in the user manual that comes along the product.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by acts of nature , as well as damages caused by lighting or sudden changes in electrical voltage , use of the device with voltages other than 220/240 Volts AC of the power source, use of non-original batteries

Due to the fact that grinders are not designed for masonry cutting, this warranty do not cover damages caused on them as a result of their use for cutting walls, ceramics, porcelain tiles, floor tiles or any other material or solid substance of similar characteristics .

The person responsible for the warranty does assumes no responsibility for personal injuries, human health or properties which could cause the improper installation or incorrect use of the device including, like in the last case, lack of maintenance or non-compliance with the instructions and recommendations described in the usser manual and/or in this certificate of warranty. This product should not be used by children. 


The warranty will void in case of disassembly of the product or repairs made by persons external to the technical service.

Please note that after the expiration of this warranty , the operation of this device will be supported by or Technical service network.